Dog Grooming

With over 30 years of experience on staff our dog groomers are here to ensure that your canine has a safe and relaxing day at the spa. We offer all breed dog grooming and have a flexible schedule to cater to your needs. We offer both weekend and evening appointments. If your pet is staying with us at the kennel we can provide a full service departure groom to ensure they are fresh and clean before returning home.

We have several different types of grooming sessions available to ensure we have something that fits for every dog. This allows you to choose the best fit for your dog to ensure they have the best experience at Very Important Pets.

Standard Grooming

For pets who are used to the grooming procedure and comfortable being crated we can provide a more typical grooming experience. As we do have multiple groomers on staff there will likely be more than one pet in the building during these appointments.

groomed dog

Private Kennel Free Grooming

Our private kennel free grooming is perfect for pets who may not get along with other pets, have anxiety or are new to grooming procedure. This ensures your pet has a private one-on-one experience with no other pets in the grooming facility and no kennel time. We do require that you pick up your pet at the requested time to ensure that no other pets are in the facility at the same time.

groomed dog
Wondering who will be working with your pets?Meet the Grooming Team

Senior Sessions

Our senior sessions are designed for dogs who are unable to physically unable to tolerate a full grooming session. We instead split up the session into multiple shorter times to help ensure they do not become fatigued. This is also a great option for dogs who have disabilities or joint issues and may struggle with the physical demands required during a normal grooming session.

groomed dog

At home Nail Trims

This is a great option to help pets who are not comfortable travelling or in new surroundings have a relaxing and enjoyable nail trim experience in their own home. For families with more than one pet it can be very helpful as we come to you so it eliminates the need to load everyone up in the vehicle.

Note: Please understand that during the pandemic we will not be entering homes and will instead perform this service outside for the safety of everyone.

nail trimmers

Puppy Sessions

This session is available for puppies under 5 months old to help them get used to the grooming process. For the first visit its nice just to do a puppy trim (face, feet and sanitary trim) This helps them get them used to the different smells and sounds at the grooming salon without being overwhelming and gives them a chance to meet their groomer. At about 6 months they should then be ready for their first haircut!

groomed puppy

Creative Grooming

One of the newest aspects of grooming we have started exploring at Very Important Pets is creative grooming! These grooms include many unique features catered to your pet and their individual personalities. Creative grooming can include many different things such as coat carving, nail wraps and pet safe hair dye!

groomed dog

Please contact us to book an appointment! We are occasionally able to offer evening and weekend appointments.